You to definitely Light would love the lady is actually facts to Misa, perhaps not opportunity, and you will she quickly immerses by herself to your this envisioned matchmaking

You to definitely Light would love the lady is actually facts to Misa, perhaps not opportunity, and you will she quickly immerses by herself to your this envisioned matchmaking

Fundamentally, it’s not a strategy which is uncommon getting White anyhow. We viewed your use and destroy strangers exactly who got as well personal so you can Kira just before – it’s not personal, it’s just Light looking to ensure Kira’s victory in every brand new exact same suggests while the prior to. It’s just not regarding the Misa anyway. The guy literally merely fulfilled the woman.

Misa meanwhile seems to have removed the latest hug due to the fact a sign of the dating which have be genuine, because real is what she frequently recalls it getting

Back into Misa, she proclaims both Light having fun with her and you may Light only acting was both great because of the this lady. From this point into the, Misa takes it as a given one to each of its delight lays in becoming along with her. White never ever announces he’s done acting, it’s Misa which determines their affections for her need to have feel genuine despite little you to definitely ways that it particularly. She only starts dealing with your as the this lady actual sweetheart from here to the away. Misa’s Nr step 1 talent are make-trust, it’s.

The remainder of the pre-Yotsuba relationships complement the latest situated mildew pretty well. It could you need to be really worth bringing-up that Light’s entire schmaltzy ‘I could like your a whole lot more if you ask Rem to help you kill L’ is actually an excellent pissed shot at destroy manage after Misa endangers him or her by the arriving at come across your.

Shut-right up hug goes, Misa going to college or university goes, confinement goes. Worthy of repeating the following is you to Light and you can Misa features lawfully simply came across three times in advance of Yotsuba Arch.

Throughout confinement, Misa eventually really does show dedication to not ever harm White as the she begs for passing following merely budges out-of that in case Rem requires this lady recollections thus she is not able in order to pour people treasures regardless of how far this woman is punished. The woman dependence on White fulfills all of the gap during the Misa’s head and you can is really what have this lady supposed at this point.

The offer from the lady estimated thread having White happens up to now you to she takes on a future wedding and you may contact their dad just like the ‘dad’ on headache of the car drive. It simply… since an away. Onward to the Yotsuba Arc.

The new interesting most important factor of this schedule would be the fact we obtain to help you take a look at exactly how Misa and you will Light feel about one another without any of your own Kira-scheming with it, as that is what stayed between the two immediately following giving up its memories.

White does not think of his reasons to own acting are this lady boyfriend and you may logically renounces their entire relationships. Exactly what remains try a sense of being stressed from the Misa and therefore.. is exactly just what she performed, extremely.

Main here’s that she knows she’ll maintain the lady like getting Light (or rather, the woman idea of Light) even after letting go of possession

Regardless if Misa will get upset at Light denying as the girl boyfriend, Misa provides insisting to their union anyway. Rejection form nothing to this lady.

That is times shortly after she whines regarding over panel. Obviously Misa isn’t really planning to need a no. Which continues when you look at the totality of one’s arc. White states they’re not relationships, Misa continues to act as when they. Light rejects the lady, Misa only occurs to your more powerful to the stage where she tries to find an effective way to build him bed together with her.

Misa’s love for White is still only wish fulfillment. She completely ignores your image of White she’s got for the the woman direct will not conflate with facts.

If it is just what Light wishes, then Misa perform help trapping Kira (for this reason effectively betraying the one who avenged the woman moms and dads). So long as this lady standing as the Light’s partner is not threatened she was at minimum slightly adaptable so you’re able to his desires.


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